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AZ. SPRINT CARS - The Arizona non-winged, fuel burning 360 cubic inch sprint cars are fast becoming Manzanita’s most popular division. The hard driving of the younger drivers, many of them second generation open wheel pilots, may well be the most thrilling division to watch. Many use these sprints as a spring board to the big time.

IMCA DIRT MODIFIEDS - The International Motor Contest Association modifieds, one of the most competitive divisions in the country, are a mainstay in Manzy’s nine month season with races on both Friday and Saturday nights and competition on both the one half and one third mile tracks.

MIDGETS - The four bangers are back at Manzanita and the competition is fierce.. West Coast drivers make the trip to Manzy to help the locals put on the shows. The Midgets can usually be found sharing race cards with the Sprint Cars.

MINI SPRINTS - Just what the name implies, these downsized sprint cars tear up the short track at Manzanita with speeds exceeding 80 miles per hour. Small wings and huge motorcycle engines give drivers the training needed to move up in class which many have done very successfully.

SUPER STOCKS - Manzanita’s top stock car division, the Stock Car Racing Association Super Stocks provide a place for those who prefer the closed wheel machines to hone their skill’s. Most of the super stock events are held on the 1/3rd mile track but they take to the half mile track for special events.

FACTORY STOCKS - Sandwiched between the Bombers and the Super Stocks, the Factory Stocks give beginning drivers and those who choose not to spend the money on the higher priced cars an ideal class to get into the racing scene. The Stock Car Racing Association Factory Stocks have a motor claim and sensible tire rules to keep costs down and competition close.

BOMBER STOCK - Buy it and run it! Manzanita’s entry level cars can be claimed and are basically brought from the auto wreckers to the short track at Manzy.

CIRCLE TRUCKS - With the popularity of the NASCAR trucks, many tracks, including Manzanita, are in the process of forming truck divisions of their own. Manzy’s Trucks can be found on stock car programs on Friday nights.


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